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Manono Island » IMG_0690

The manono highway


2 Responses to “IMG_0690”

  1. Georgina said

    No that is the Manono free way lol ….I never forget this place…it used to be so quiet, and pollution free, as there are cars nor any factories to pollute the air. There wasn’t any source of electricity back in the 1974 when my family left this island…my parents were on a mission there for 7 seven years as a Methodist minister. We left while i was just 9 years old. There was only one telephone on the island and this was located just a few yards away from the Methodist church at Faleu. I heard that the whole island is generated by an electric power and most families have home phones… I really want to come back to visit Manono island…the place where i spent my first 8 years of my life.

  2. Georgina said

    Soory there is a mistake above…supposed to be – as there were no cars…..

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