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COS and Piula Cave Pools

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on September 18, 2010

Shortly after writing my bucket list we went to COS. COS was located at le Uaina resort, which happens to be right next to the cave pools. Although COS was mostly a waste of time, it was nice to see everyone from group 81 together again. And it also provided me a chance to get to the cave pools. Anyway, here are the pics:


One Response to “COS and Piula Cave Pools”

  1. Georgina said

    thank you for creating this blog…the pictures of the school brings back a lot of memories to me. It is so true that pictures speak a thousand words. The foundation of my education was from this school. i left LFC at the end of 1979, and joined the Training college for two years, then served the government for 3 years after the two at Teachers college. I wasn’t really satisfied with my educational background at the time, so I decided to move to the neighboring island, American Samoa, and taught there, and also attended College at the same time. Few years after i graduated with an AA, I was still not satisfied, so I went to Hawaii and attended the University of Hawaii majoring in Language and Literacy. …came back and taught in one of the schools on the island. Few years after that, I thought that I need to take another step forward, so I went back to the Universtity of Hawaii and studied for my Master in curriculum and Instructions and science as a minor….so where ever i go in this world I always remeber Leulumoega Fou College, the place where it gave me so much to solidify my education background

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