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Back in Samoa (Update with Pictures)

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on January 29, 2010

The first week of school has come to and end, but I have yet to teach a single class. The hold up has been the renovations, which are ongoing, and encompassing C block, which is where my computer lab is. I’ve included some pictures of the lab I took today. I doubt we will be starting school on monday either. When school does start however, I will have a full schedule. In addition to the year 12 and 13 computer classes I taught last year, I am adding another year 12 class and a year 11 computer class, as well as a year 10 english class. I am looking forward to these changes as my time will be more occupied with work this year than the last.


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Back in Samoa

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on January 26, 2010

Well I made it back in one piece, which should be nice for all of you to hear. Thanks for everyone that showed me a good time back in the USofA. Although I’ve only been back for about a week, it has been super busy. There’s been conferences, including AllVol and a church school meeting, and then school started yesterday. I havn’t had the chance to teach yet, because the first week is for cleaning. Renovations aren’t finished on the building that houses my computer lab either, and I have no idea when they will be, although the principal remains hopeful that we can begin teaching next week.

In other news during the break, Dec. 15th to be exact, my host Mother in Fausaga gave birth to a baby boy and named him after me. This would have been exciting news for all of you state side had Matt not already told you all about it already (how’s that for passive aggressive). Unfortunately I neglected to bring the hard drive I keep my pictures on to Apia today, so I’ll have to update this post with pictures including baby toa, and my successful attempt at frying up yellowfin tuna. I’ll try to do that before the end of the week.

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Baby, it’s cold outside

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on January 10, 2010

The major adjustment that I’ve needed to take while in the states has been to the temperature. Although it remains around 80 degrees in Samoa, up in New England its been in the 20s. Although I do enjoy skiing, the cold is an obsticle to over come. My grandfather came out to visit while I am around, so the family Popstefanija decided to head out to Vermont and get our ski on. We went to Stratton and had a good time, although it was a little too cold for comfort. Anyway, here are some of the pics.

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