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Proof of gardening

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on December 5, 2009

Katie and Carrie expressed excitment with my gardening, so I figured I would show you some of the fruits of my labor. So far these are the sugar cane I planted last year and the pineapple I just planted this week. In other news, my teacher’s held a function the other night to celebrate the end of school. We had it at maota o samoa, a bar in vaitele. The atmosphere there was nice, but I was more inticed by the pictures that hung the wall, which along with other samoan heads of state included, Gandhi, Queen Elisabeth, Princess Di, and my personal favorite, William Jefferson Clinton! Pictures follow:


4 Responses to “Proof of gardening”

  1. marija said

    are you going to have a pineapple in two weeks?

    • Toa said

      Unfortunately, the pineapple takes about two years to fully develop, which means I will probably not get to eat the fruit myself. But now at least I can say I’ve grown pineapple

  2. Katie said

    the FRUITS of your labor!! haha, get it? :) yay, we were mentioned in a post!

  3. Carrie said

    I’m impressed with your gardening abilities!

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