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Posted by Igor Popstefanija on December 2, 2009

Today at my school was prizegiving, which is the Samoan equivalent to graduation. The students were assembled in the hall, and prizes were given to students for various achievements, such as: top subject students, best academic, sportsman/woman, etc. I was responsible for getting the prizes for the top performers in my classes, and I got them each 2 GB flash drives. It was a nice end to the year, and the show included not only the distribution of prizes, but also singing by the students. Including traditional samoan and xmas songs, they also sang some abba and michael jackson.

Now begins my 3 weeks of nothingness before I head back to the states for vacation. I am very excited about coming back but I’ve got to keep myself busy somehow. I will be practicing alot of guitar for sure. I have also tried my hand at gardening again, this time by planting a pineapple. I think it may require more work than the sugar cane, but heres hoping it comes out okay.

[Editor’s note: This is the 50th post on my blog! Thanks for visiting everyone]


3 Responses to “Prizegiving”

  1. Katie said

    carrie will be SO excited that you’re gardening!

  2. marija said

    Graduation seems like big event for the students and staff,well deserved.

  3. AMY said


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