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Reflections on the first year of service

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on November 13, 2009

With school coming to a close, I have had alot of free time on my hands. I havn’t taught classes in about a month, and this week is exam week. I have had to supervise some of the exams and so I’ve gotten alot of reading done. I’ve also had a lot of time to sit and reflect on my peace corps experience and what its meant to me. Seeing as this is about the year mark for me, I think that this reflection has been constructive, as it can help prepare me for next year.

When I left I never wanted to say this, but I think I am very different from the person I was back in the states. Even though it has only been a year in real time, it feels as though it was alot longer, and so it feels as though I’ve taken more than a year of experience from it. For one thing, it has made me far more cynical, but at the same time reinforced my idealism. I believe I do have the power to make a difference, only that it will take baby steps.

I have no new pictures to show, but I thought that in the spirit of this post, I would put up some pictures from the course of this year, and sort of best of. Anyway, here goes:


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