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Posted by Igor Popstefanija on October 18, 2009

So a peace corps tradition is that the new group is welcomed in by the current volunteers with a traditional fiafia. Fiafia is Samoan for party, and it includes a variety of dances and skits that are performed for guests. We had one when we first arrived, and I remember it as being one of our first introductions with the current volunteers. I also remember it as a night of debauchery, so I wanted to relive that experience again.

The show itself went off splendidly. There were several different types of dances. A siva teine, the girl’s dance. The Sasa, which is a dance done sitting down with both genders. Then the boys did a slap dance followed by a haka, which is a dance that many pacific island rugby teams do before a game.

After the festivities, we headed to a new bar that just opened up across from the peace corps office, called bamboo. There the debauchery ensued. Pictures from the night follow. In other news, my principal called me yesterday to inform me that the air conditioner was being delivered to my computer lab that day. I am very excited about that.


2 Responses to “Fiafia!”

  1. marija said

    yeeeee, AC arrived, is it instaled and working by now. Nice party! Did group 82 have fun?(as much as you had?)

  2. Barb said

    You are the only one that mentioned that there was more festivities afterwards. I hope the new group had as much fun as it looked like the veteran’s did. I hope they weren’t too intimidated by the scariness of your Haka…I have watched U-tube videos of the All Black New Zealand team doing theirs and I don’t think I would confront them!

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