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Pictures from my friends’ visit (part 2)

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on September 26, 2009

So my friends have left, and things have started to go back to normal. School is in session, and now I have that to worry about. The third term is mainly for test prep, I’m supposed to have already taught all the new material in the first two terms. They have two major exams, one the first week in october and the other in november.

Expect another round of pictures from my friend’s trip. After that I’ve got a bunch more blogs you can look forward to. There was a social (kinda like the prom) at my school that I have a ton of pictures of. The school is also undergoing some major renovations this year, so I feel that the ex-leulumoegers that read the blog will appreciate some coverage of that. And finally, October 7th is the arrival date for the new batch of volunteers! Group 81 won’t be froshies for long.


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Pictures from my friends’ visit (part 1)

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on September 21, 2009

Sorry for not posting for the majority of September, but I have had quite a busy month. We had a school break in this month and I thought it would be the best time for some of my college friends from home to come and visit. First I was visited by Mike and Martin (f’a’aSamoa: Mika and Matini) followed directly by Caroline (fa’aSamona: Line).  I had a great time being their sherpa around the islands. Seeing as Caroline is sitting right next to me as I write this, I feel somewhat obligated to show her pictures first even though they were last chronologically. So here goes:

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