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Photo Tour – Bus Ride

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on August 5, 2009

So its been a very slow week, what with the kids out of school again this week on account of the flu pandemic. This week it was the ministry of health that shut down the schools, so the year 12 and 13 students that were showing up last week aren’t coming this week. So I thought I’d give you a flavor of what its like to come into Apia for me.

The bus costs me about 2 tala, whereas a taxi would cost me 25 – 30 tala. This translates to about 75 cents US. The trip takes about a half hour. Normally the bus is more crowded than the one I took today, so I lucked out. Anyway, enjoy the tour:

[addendum: Just for comparision I wanted to show what a more typical bus ride in Samoa is like. The was the bus I took into apia this morning. There was no sitting room, so I had to stand, by the door no less.]


3 Responses to “Photo Tour – Bus Ride”

  1. mama said

    the buses look like easter eggs, don’t you think

  2. Guy Hauger said

    I stumbled across your blog today and am looking forward to reading the archives!
    This post resonated so loudly with me — I have though similar sentiments more than once.

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