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Boils, Zones and Shower Parties

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on July 18, 2009

By popular demand I have included in this post a picture of the boil. Thankfully the antiboitics did their very best and it eventually was reabsorbed. I don’t think the picture looks very bad, as stories from other volunteers (Sara) have led me to believe that mine was nothing compared how bad it could have been.

This Thursday was the regional athletic competition. My school seems to take athletics very seriously as the entire has been canceled yet again. All the schools in the country are divided in 4 Zones (A – D). Leulumoega Fou is in Zone B. The event was rained out unfortunately. Although we managed to get a number of events done that day, the field events and relays were canceled, to be done on Monday (which means another day without school).

Another thing I’d like to talk about also involves the athletes. The athletes have been staying at the school throughout the season, and have been using a pipe in my backyard to shower, both around 6:30 in the morning and about 6:30 at night. Both times they are very loud and by using the water, reduce the water pressure in my house. I now dread being woken up by a bunch of roudy teenagers every morning. Anyway, pictures follow:


2 Responses to “Boils, Zones and Shower Parties”

  1. Meki said

    I remember that classes were always being cancelled, especially during the middle of the year. And the boys’ hostel! OMG! They were always so loud. My second year there were water problems and no running water in the hostel bathroom or the houses by the hostel bathroom. We had to go to the tap at the school to get water. Is Tomasi Gray still the pule?

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