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Anticipation of a Busy Weekend

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on June 30, 2009

I just thought I’d update you guys on my plans for Independence Day. This week is going to be a short week for me, but not by my own design. On Thursday there will be an HOD (Head of Department) meeting for the EFKS schools in Apia. Then on Friday my school will be participating in the Inter-church Athletics Competition. Our school is organizing the event which will take place in Apia Park. Yours truly will be manning the gate and charging 2 tala to anyone not wearing a school uniform.

So after two days of no school, I will be attending the Independence Day celebrations being put on by our Charge d’Affairs (like an ambassador) at the Robert Louis Stevenson Homestead. The main event will be a Softball Game between Peace Corps and Navy. I’ve also heard talk of a BBQ. Robin, the Charge, really knows how to make us feel at home. Her Thanksgiving Day meal last year was one to remember. Pictures will be forthcoming from these events, but no pictures for now, sorry.

Those of you skypers out there, the fourth of july festivities won’t be starting until 3:30 Samoan time, so I’ll probably be online Saturday morning (about 5 or 6 your time).


One Response to “Anticipation of a Busy Weekend”

  1. Barb said

    Sounds like you will have the official long weekend for the 4th of the July even being in a different country…what a deal. And celebrating it at RLS’s homestead is quite the memorable thing! Hope it is fun.

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