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Photo Tour – Utuali’i

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on June 13, 2009

So Utuali’i is the closet village to where I live, and tends to be where I go to buy my bread and coke. All the children in the village used to yell “bye bye palagi” when I would walk through, but then I confronted one of them and told them that my name was “Toa” and not “Palagi” so now they alternate between “Toa” and “Palagi.” Most of the people in the village know me by sight, but I’ve only had real conversations with the shopkeepers. There are three shops (faleoloa in samoan) in the village. The one pictured is the one I go to the most, because the woman who runs the shop is originally from hawaii. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures:


3 Responses to “Photo Tour – Utuali’i”

  1. jane reinking said


    I have really enjoyed your pictures and also hearing from your mom about her trip.

    Your house looks pretty nice. The photo in the store was fun to see too. Thanks for posting. It’s so nice to see the updates on PC life in Samoa.

    Paul’s Mom,

  2. mama said

    another great tour. I like the loneley canoe, nice artistic expresion. Continue with the tours….suggestions: do one of the markets veggie, fish market, and were you buy the shirts and staff…

  3. Miracela said

    i was look aroung your homepage
    and will not leave again
    before i was saying hello
    it is a nice homepage you have
    good luck in future

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