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Pictures from my parent’s trip, part 4

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on June 4, 2009

So here we are, the last edition of Pictures from my parent’s trip. This week has been a relaxed week. Next week school will start again, although as usual we will have a full week of cleaning, and then it’ll probably take some time to figure out the proper schedules. Term 2 looks more loaded than Term 1 was. I will have CATs for both the Year 12 and 13 students, plus a Major Project for Year 12, in the span of 3 months. I’m really not looking forward to the term, which ends in September.

In other news, this blog seems to be hitting the big time. I just noticed that is was featured on a wordpress list of “growing blogs.”


Anyway, here are the pictures, hope everything’s going well:


One Response to “Pictures from my parent’s trip, part 4”

  1. Tata said


    I think you have a typo in your blog entry…You really mean say that: “I’m really looking forward to the term, which ends in September.”

    [that’s my boy!]


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