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Mother’s Day and then my Parents Arrive!

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on May 13, 2009

So this week has been very good so far. This weekend I went back to the training village to be with my Samoan Family for Mother’s Day. In Samoa, Mother’s Day is taken very seriously, with a lot of activity around the church. There was morning church, as usual, and if I understood Samoan better I would probably hear some kind of sermon on Mothers, I’m guessing devoted to Mary. Then at afternoon church, people put on a show, dedicated to Mothers. The children did plays, while the Mother’s did dances. Supy’s Grandmother also played the ukulele. Pictures below.

Then today, my parents arrived from the USA for their vacation. Me, Cale and Sara went the airport in the wee hours of the morning (Sara’s parents were on the same flight) and I spent the rest of the day showing them around Apia and then to my house. We went to a traditional dance at Aggie Grey’s in the evening. Tomorrow I plan to go with them to Savai’i. I am very excited that my parents are here, but unfortunately they’re only here for a short time (they leave on the 18th). On Saturday I will be taking them to the training village, so they can meet my host family, and be treated to a traditional Samoan meal. Hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in some hiking, the Robert Louis Stevenson museum and/or the baha’i temple in the other days. And below are also some pictures of me with the fam!


3 Responses to “Mother’s Day and then my Parents Arrive!”

  1. Sue said

    So…will you be getting the whole summer off, or do you teach remedial courses during the summer?

    How did the discipline thing turn out, did you find a method that worked for you? My girlfriend, who teaches high school English, tells me that the worst threat you can make (but you have to follow through sometimes) for that age group is to call the parents – which would embarrass them no end.

  2. Barb Carusillo said

    or Gor, or Toa, or Igor…I can’t decide which is best,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and your folks when we all came out to spend some of the school break time with you guys. I am glad your parents got the traditional meal from an umu! How cool was that?! We got to taste some pulesami on taro, and Samoan Cocoa, but that was about it for traditional Samoan. We have some great pics of you dancing at Aggie Grey’s (which I noticed you didn’t put up any of those, I bet your parents took some!). Hiding your light under a bushel, huh? Hope the next term goes well!
    Barb (Sara’s mom)

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