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Photo Tour – Beach Road, Apia

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on April 30, 2009

Apia Harbor, the building with the dome is the Government Building

Following my Mother’s suggestion, I’ll take you guys on a tour of Apia. This follows my path from the Peace Corps Office to CV, the cafe where I usually go to in order to get the fast lavaspot internet connection.¬† Beach Road is the main¬† street in Apia, it runs along the coastline, with a seawall on its oceanside. So I’ll go into detail of a couple of locations that need further explanation, and you can see all of them in the gallery at the end of the post.

On the Rocks

This is On the Rocks or “OTR” where most Peace Corps come to play on weekends. It has cold vailima, the local brew, and a rather eclectic music selection. The music is the major draw for me, as its a good break from “bus music.” Bus music is what is played on the buses, and tends to be the same 10 songs over and over, all of them some form of pop/reggae/dance. OTR on the other hand will play American music, including classics by Journey or Toto (“Africa” is a Peace Corps favorite).

Palagi Row

We call this stretch of pedestrian street “Palagi Row.” Palagi (pronouced palangi) is the Samoan word for white people, like me. Palagi row is where tourists and expats tend to congregate. It is also where Cappocino Vinyard’s, or CV, is located. CV is my main stop in Apia. Although the Peace Corps office has free internet, it doesn’t have a fast enough connect to download or upload large files, like pictures.

This part of Apia is the more touristy part. I think in the future I’ll take you around the other parts of Apia, like the markets. I’ll also take you around the village where I work. Let me know how you like this “photo tour” and I’ll post more in the future.


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The doldrums

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on April 18, 2009

I know that in the past, I’ve gotten complaints about not posting to my blog. I had plans that I would try to post every week, or maybe every other week. The problem is that I really don’t have that many new things to post about. I don’t really feel like giving out cultral explroations of the millieu that is Samoa. Instead this blog is more to update friends and family of my current status, and a place to post pictures. If you want the cultural millieu, check out Matt’s blog, I doubt I can do a better job, and at this point it would be redundant.

School has been like the doldrums of my Peace Corps experience. Its not that I don’t take my job seriously, or that I am bored, more that there is not much to report. I go to school, I go home, I prepare for my next day at school. On the weekends I do a number of things, go to Apia or the host village, or more recently, I’ve been teaching class on Saturdays at the request of my students ( I think they prefer school to doing chores for their family).

Because of all this, the months of March and April have been nearly the same. There have been more Rugby and Netball games, yada yada yada. Putting up more pictures of rugby games would probably not generate too many hits for my site. As a result I don’t have too many (read: any) new pictures to post (hence the long article with no pictures).

I think that May will finally kick me out of this funk that I have been feeling lately. School will take a month long break, during which my parents will be coming to visit. I am looking forward to seeing them very much. Also in May will be the Early Serivce Training, where all of the members of group 81 will come together again since disbanding after training. It will be nice to have us all back together again. Anyway, I hope that every had a great easter!

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