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Nekipolo and other musings

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on March 18, 2009

This past week and a half was more interesting than most. I was in Apia for a conference the beginning of last week. For Years 12 and 13, there are standardized testing that takes place, much like the MCAS in Massachusetts. The conference was to orient subject teachers in their Year 12 end of year exams.

On thursday last week, there was a netball (nekipolo in samoan) tournament. Netball is only played by women, and is like basketball but outdoors. There’s no dribbling allowed, so once you have the ball you have to stop moving. There’s some pictures below.

On friday we had concert by a group of americans that play bluegrass music. They were called the Student Loans. They played some Beatles and Grateful Dead covers. I was also told they played some Sublime and RATM covers, but I didn’t get to hear them. One of the Band members gave me a CD, but it turned out to be blank. Oh well. It was nice to see some americans I didn’t know, and get a break from “slow jams” (what samoans play on the buses).

In health news: I’ve been to two different doctors about the rash now. The second one also said it was caused by the heat, and presribed some more betamethasone (though a stronger kind). The medication helps, but it never goes away. I think there were some parts of the rash that got infected and thats what you’re seeing as a staph infection.

So far this week has been decent. I took some pictures of my students today, so I included those here:


3 Responses to “Nekipolo and other musings”

  1. mama said

    I am sending you a frisbe in your next package. You have to introduce them to ultimate, they will drop all the other sports and play it, wright? Tina will be so proud of you.
    I bet if you plant tomatos and papers (next to the sugar cane)it will grow as big and beautiful. Or may be a pumpkin to remind you of New England in the fall….

  2. Ljilja said

    The computer lab looks great! I’m impressed!
    Tetka Ljilja

  3. jane reinking said

    Thanks for the update on your sugar cane plant. It is fun to see what and how things grow there.

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