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Rugby Day

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on March 4, 2009

Last week, our school hosted a rugby tournament between the schools of the CCCS school system. There were four schools total that showed up, including Leulumoega Fou, obviously, and Malua Fou, the school were Matt teaches. Needless to say we kicked Malua Fou’s butt. Every school played every other school for a total of 12 matches. We placed second overall, losing to some school the name of which I can’t remember. They were the only school that had on white and not red uniforms. Anyway, congraduations to Leulumoega Fou!

It being the first rugby match I have ever seen, I got a feeling for the rules. To me it seems like a cross between football and hockey. Whenever the players get bunched up and the ball is stuck, they’d do something like a faceoff. Three players from each team interlock arms, and then one play drops the ball in between them, and each team tries to kick the ball in their favor. Blocking is illegal, which is still really weird for me. From what I’ve seen rugby and volleyball are the most popular sports in Samoa. I’ve been telling them how volleyball was invented in Holyoke, Mass, but they don’t seem too impressed.

Other than that not much interesting has happened. I finished reading A Fire Upon the Deep, which was an awesome book. I saw a bootleg of Slumdog Millionaire which was also good. School has settled down into a routine now. I guess a month in isn’t too late. The students seem to like me. I told my junior computer class they could come to the computer lab whenever they have a free period, and now it seems as though they’re skipping all their classes to do typing exercises.

Hope all is well back in the states, here are some pictures from the rugby matches:


2 Responses to “Rugby Day”

  1. Bethany said

    This computer geek wants to know what you’re teaching them – what’s your syllabus like?

    Glad to hear things are going well.

    • igorpop said

      I’m teaching them some pretty basic stuff. This term I’m teaching them how to use windows (how to open applications, close them, save files… etc) and I’ll start doing some word processing. Next semester is excel and access. I also have been teaching them some theory (what is an operating system, binary numbers and ascii, input and output… etc).

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