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Guest Post by Blakey

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on January 28, 2009

Hey Everyone!  This is Blakey – another computer teacher peace corps volunteer here in Samoa with Koa (or Gore, I guess you would say).  As I sit with Koa in a cafe in Apia, he is lamenting how popular Mati’s blog is (http://diplomatt.blogspot.com) and how much my friends like to read my blog (www.blakeylarsen.com).  Although nobody can deny that Mati is the most prolific writer and he posts every day, Koa and I post interesting tidbits and factoids that are fun to read!  So here we go – I’ll give you the real story of what Koa is like here:

First of all, Samoans LOVE Koa.  Has he told you about his family in the training village that barely lets him get up from his “nofoali’i” – throne? If the family had silver platters, his food would be served on them. And they are so happy when he comes to town they just adore him!

In addition to his family, people just love him in general.  I will be out shopping with him (for bread and butter, not clothes or anything really fun) and people will strike up conversations with him and not me! I really don’t understand – I’m super friendly but they start talking to him first!

Then there are the other volunteers. Koa has managed to befriend every volunteer that he meets!  In any given group some people are more quiet, some are more energetic and the same is true for the PCVs in Samoa.  But Koa has just weaseled his way in to being friends with everyone! I don’t know how he does it!

Enough of all the good stuff – if you’re reading this you probably like him too, so you’re not surprised that people here like him too.  On to the nitty gritty, the stuff he’s not telling you, the –

uhh… he’s sitting next to me and he just censored everything I was about to say.  I could go on to say more nice things, but I don’t want his head to get too much bigger.

I can tell you that he went swimming in the ocean in his boxers last week because he didn’t want to get his jean shorts wet walking through the mangrove swamp.  And that he grew a really unattractive moustache that was unfortunately remeniscent of a certain WWII dictator.  Or that he has an ie (sarong like skirt)  that is sea-foam green and all of group 81 calls it his Little Mermaid ie – we make it a point to laugh at him whenever he wears it – i’m actually laughing right now thinking about it.

If anyone wants to post comments on this post asking questions about what Koa is really up to or about nay intimate details, feel free to do so and i will resond.

Hope all is well with you all!



3 Responses to “Guest Post by Blakey”

  1. mama said

    Hi Blakey, you sound great…it is easy to be a friend with such a happy and nice girl. You guys are having too much fun. Happy first week of teaching and we want to hear more….all comments, good and bad. Take care and stay healthy,
    Koa’s mom

  2. Barb said

    It is amazing how prolific Matt is at keeping up with his blog, but it is nice to see new entries on this one. Us stateside parents love to keep up with all these blogs, at least I do. Keep it up!!!It is how we live vicariously through you all.

  3. Ljilja said

    Hi Blakey,
    Thanks for writing about Koa – we know him since he was 3 years old – even then he was equally charismatic and nice!

    And you, Igor, keep on writing, we are looking forward to hear about your experiences. And don’t forget to write down indigenous recipes – ingredients and cooking methods!

    Take care and good luck! Be a great teacher!
    Tetka Ljilja

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