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Leulumoega Fou

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on January 9, 2009

So my roomates (well the spazzy one, but I don’t want to name names) sent an email asking me whether I had moved into my new place yet. This made me realize that the one picture of my new house mixed in with the rest of the pictures in the “More Pictures!” post probably didn’t suffice, so I’m gonna give a description of the place I’ll be spending the next two years.

I will be a teacher of computer studies at Leulumoega Fou College, which to Americans is a High School. For some reason, Samoans use the word “college” (in English) for what we would call a High School. The students will be between the ages of 15-18, so for all intents and purposes, whenever I say “college” it means “high school.”

Another thing to know is that there are three types of schools in Samoa: public, private, and church-funded schools. Church-schools are halfway between the two, because although they charge tuition, it is much less than compared to the private schools, as a large portion of their budget comes from the church itself. Peace Corps works with both public and church schools, but not private schools. Leulumoega Fou belongs to Christian Congregationalist Church of Samoa (CCCS in English, EFKS in Samoan). The name is taken from a nearby village, Leulumoega. Fou in Samoan means “new”.

There are actually two schools on the schools grounds, Leulumoega Fou and an Art School, where a fellow peace corps will be working, Kate. I posted a picture of Kate in the last post among the pictures of us at Falealupo on New Year’s. Kate is from California, she has lived in both LA and San Fransisco. She used to work at a record store called Amoeba, which from what I gather is like a west coast version of Newbury Comics. She is also vegan. I want to be clear about this for my grandfather’s sake; we are not dating, she is my neighbor.

I already described the Lab a bit in the last post. I included a picture below. The school itself consists of 4 blocks, with approximately 7 or 8 classrooms per block. There is also a large meeting hall in which to hold assemblies and the like. Between the school itself and the main road are houses, like the one I live in, which are for teachers. I havn’t really gotten a feel for the school itself yet, because its still summer vacation. Any Questions? Be sure to comment. Here’s the pictures:


53 Responses to “Leulumoega Fou”

  1. Carrie said

    I would call me loud not spazzy

  2. katie said

    the short one needs your mailing address!!! asap!! i also emailed you and wrote on your facebook, so i don’t want to hear any excuses.

    p.s. awesome house! and loved the picture of the sunset. totally jealous.

  3. Brian Bugden said

    Hello. I was a tacher at LeulumoegaFou High School in 1969-70 & taught in South Australia since then to my retirement. Some of us who were at the school all that time ago were talking about making a return visit to Samoa, maybe next year. I have a postal address for the school, but no email address. I’d like to email the schol to see if we might make a retun visit. Maybe there is scope or some sort of ‘mini-reunion’ ? Some of our pals from those times were Peace Corps.

    All the best.


  4. Larry said

    Hi I was a student at this wonderful school. I miss it back in the day. I was pretty much there for summer school because my dad wanted me and my brother to try out something different. Just seeing the photos just brought back good memories! I will be planning to visit in the near future! I still remember my instructor’s(faces) but cant name one. Maybe Mr. Koro…haha. Anyways Good post!


  5. Taulafoga Poyer(Frank) said

    I am a former Tama Loma Fou (1974-1977). Finish Form VI Dec 3rd, 77. I am always appreciative for all the foreign teachers that donated your precious time to help out my Islands and the people of Samoa. I am from Am. Samoa, Tutuila- my village is the one where the light is located(Laulii). I thank you and if we take you for granted- forgive us. I pray your stay in Samoa will be as rewarding as much as I had received from fellow Peace Corps teachers came before you. After my time at LFC I told myself if I given a chance, I will buy lunch for one of my teachers (foreign) from school. Last year that dream came true- Mr Ronald Lubcher, from Baltimore, Maryland was my chemistry teacher and dear friend. It was a treat for me, my wife and my 2 young daughters (9,6) met up Mr Lubcher and his wife and share lunch in Washington-DC. I told Mr Lubcher I was buying as a token for everything he had done for me and my family. Again if your students don’t appreciate your service- forgive them- but I will go head and say thank you for your services. I am current teaching earth and physical science in NC HS- I am praying for a chance to come home and teach sci. Hey I just have a question, how are students in Samoa- this is 9th yr teaching but I cannot fathom the attitudes of most of my students- I asked Mr Lubcher what kind of student was I- but I knew the answer- I just need a confirmation. But most of my students will not survive LFC. So how are they doing or better yet, how do the samoan student behave for you?

    • meise said

      hello, my name is Meise. I was on the site watching LFHS and Malua pictures & reading some of the post. Mr Ronald Lubcher was a good friend of mine too. I used to work for the Peace Corps Office. Say hello to Mr Lubcher for me, I’m now reside in Orange County, CA.

      • mauola Taito said

        hi Meise,
        You don’t know me but I was wondering if you could help me out, I am trying to find a way to communicate with my sister Lauiula Kome in California, I know she said she had a friend name Meise, so it must be you.
        My name is Mauola.Kome


    • Masinafana'e. said

      oh hey evo ,, oh well huevr yoah name is ,, wel im Masina and i uce tah qo tah L.F.C aye ,,
      urrhm i knw Mr Sao ,, wel hes mah Mathsz teacher wen iwas Year 9 @Roma aye ,,

      uhm where yuh @naw ??

  7. Toe said

    Hi LFC..I was one of the student from 1996 till 1999..miss the school and i love the pictures as well..miss you all and much love mwahs

    • Masinafana'e. said

      oh hey toe ,, uhm yoah name swnds familiar tah meh aye ,, bahaha ,,, bt yeah idnt knw if dhs is dha real toe dhat iknw ,, shes from falelatation aye ,, rr yuh ??

  8. matalena.aumua said

    hi everyone im am a former student of roma fou college but now i attend rosehill college at nz e sili a tama ole pulou apa

  9. georgina said

    So good to read comments from some of those that they had contibuted to LFC (especially the volunteerts). I was in this school from 1976-1979. I left the island after three years of teaching in the government to pursue my education offisland. I belive that i owe this school so much as this was the place that gave me the first impression of what i wanted to be in the future, even though i found a bit behind when i enrolled in the UH, but it was a challenge!! It was your teachings that solidify my education while i was in the UH.

  10. elizabethbritt said

    I really enjoy attending this school before leaving in 1991. I met alot of great friends that I really miss alot. My Father taught at the school, and Dr Britt had many students. I really recommend going to this quite little village. What I reflect on most is the worship at 6pm, and the sound on the canoes as they gathered the fish. I am trying to contact my school friends, I am on facebook Elizabeth Britt Strack. :) Take care!

    Talofa Lava, Peta

  11. Sally Potifele said

    hello my lovely school..
    im sally and i went to L.F.C in 2008..n my form teacher was miss faamaile.
    i miss my school and my techers ecspecially mr sao my mathes teacher and mr neru..
    hope everyones doing great and good luck to all my friends that go their..
    Litia, Nesi, Maselusi, Siemu, Toloa and my cuzin Tinei..miss you guys so mush…mwah

    • lena.aumua said

      hello sally o a mai oe .WHICH SCHOOL DID YOU GO TO?

      • sally potifele said

        heyah!!! ia lea e manuia a faafetai..
        ohh i go to kelston girls college aye…
        thanks for replying back..hehe
        but are you a teacher or a student at leulumoega fou college..
        farrr i missed my school aye..i really wanna come back.

  12. lena.aumua said

    sally o e iloaina au ou te sau mai afega o au o matalena ,you forgot me aye?howz your aunty pala and tasi

    • sally potifele said

      ohhhh sorry my bestfriend…koz u wrote LENA THATS WHY?HEHE
      ohh how are you and my brothers pepe n your other brada i forgot his name…
      they are all good aye…
      where are you staying? are u in samoan or new zealand…
      farr i missed you aye..i talk to Litia when i went to samoa last year..aye

      • lena.aumua said

        hey sally ,im fine thanks im trying to loooking for you and see if you got a bebo page ,and talk to you .oh anyway my brothers are fine thanks.oh did you go to samoa last year lucky you ,im in new zealand .i came last year on the 23 of january .omg i miss you at lfc when you came here .so did you go to afega when you go to samoa last year ,howz litia and all of them ia o a mai Tasi ma lou Aunty o Pala.ia im staying at papakura and i go to rosehill college .i miss our old skull:*:*:*:*:*.

  13. lena said

    sally why dont you rely back

    • sally potifele said

      hey sorry im really busy with school stuff aye…are you going to the polyfest?
      ohh yeah i got a bebo and a facebook…hehe add me…but yeah i went to afega and all of them are algoods aye..even litia n the youth at afega..
      uhhm tasi and pala are algoods…
      ohh send my love to your brothers k…tell them i say hi…and tell them to add me on facebook and bebo..k hehe

      • lena said

        ohh sorry for disturbing you but you are really busy at school work hehehe.so what you name on bebo and facebook anyway .farr i miss you so much i reallllllllllly want to see you oh sis did you still have your long hair?

      • lena said

        sorry im i might go to the polyfest

  14. lena said

    sally why are not replying back


      ohh algoods sis…
      uhhmmm my bebo name is…”sallyskux” i think haha and facebook is my whole name “sally.potifele”

      ngaaww i miss you 2 sis…
      but nah i cut it hahaha sorry
      im going to the polyfest though..

      • lena said

        why did you cut it.so did you go to the polyfest,are you perform or not .
        oh my brothers say hi to you too e ,tell tasi that i say hi ,did he go to school or not

  15. sallypotifele said

    haha yeah im performing for the samoan group..
    ohh send mah love to them..ohh hes finish hes working now…
    come to the polyfest…n ill seee you there

    • lena said

      sorry sis im not coming coz to far from where i live now. is your bebo page name is samoana, sis is your sister BAby there or she at samoa

  16. sallypotifele said

    ohhh ohk its algoods…
    ohh yeah that one…uhhmm yeah shes here…

  17. lena.aumua said

    say hi to her for me .Im sis, i saw you photo on Catherine’s bebo page . sis I ad you on my cousin’s bebo page add her please and I add you after coz i don’t have time to go on my computer at home because im busy with my family staff ok

    • sallypotifele said

      sorry for the late reply aye sis..
      hehehe ohkay sis…i will
      ohh ayee…thats my cuzin but i call her my sister anyways…aye
      ohhkay whats your couzins name?
      i think i accept her…lol
      ohhkay you too sis…
      uhhm the 15th of april..

      • lena said

        its alrite sis her name is VA,uhmm sis can you tell TASI that my brother want to know his number plz .so how was the polyfest?

  18. lena said

    sorry i mean when did your skull finish?

  19. Leonesapapaolematuu . Mariner said

    hey guys OMG ! i used to go LFC , me and my brother nomeneta . . and yeah masina?? do you remember me ? lols ; how are you ? and yeah love you alwaes my bestest skool ever ; miss them soow muj and yea my last form teacher was miss . Simanu . hehe and yeah miss my friends and my whole school ; mwah :)

    • Masinafana'e said

      uhm hey hey ,, nah nah aye ,, ithnk i duh .. lols ..
      hey in good thanks .. lols
      yeah iknw miss simanu .. was she the form teacher of this class 9A2 2007 ?? lols
      what yah name nd yeah how rr yuh ??
      yeah imiss this skul so mujy mujy aye .. esp peniamina dha deputy principle.. lmao

      • sally potifele said

        hey…ohh i dont think i know you then lol,,,hehehe
        ohh yeah i was in 9A1 TOO aye..
        so what school youre at now?

    • sallypotifele said

      hello…same here i used to go LFC too…what year did you start at LFC?
      yeah hard aye..i miss them so bad lol…
      but yeah im sally i went there at 2008…aye

      • masinafana'e sila said

        hey sally .. iwent to LFC 2007 aye .. dhat was mahy first year nd iwas in the 9A1 class aye .. bt yeah nice tah meet yuh nywais .. idnt think yuh knw me .. cause ileft LFC at the end ov 2007 aye .. so ddnt go tah LFC 2008 .. lmao

  20. lena said

    hello i am fine thanks , how are you ? what year did you go to LFC?

    • sally potifele said

      hey sis this is my number 0211320712 text me okay…
      and this is my brother 0212679351…

      • lena said

        okay sis i will text you
        suag la alofa kele mai a Lou Bro o PEPE ia oe heheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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  23. Hay how love, how you fold all those good memories with you…..You shouln’t leave us from that last year of yours……We had a plast last year which was a difficult thing for us to do……Like how you always strict to our computer classes but anyways glad you enjoy being inside Leulumoega field…….love your Yr 12 class of 2010……Maria

  24. Oh wait Toa you if ever had a chance to read this can I get you facebook name, me and John are dying to have a look with the photo youve take……please please……. we stilj remember you said that we can add you but nothing less just get a chance to hop on here and all your stories…….greate thou……at least were not in a noddlehead mood……okay thanks tahh

  25. jannett said

    hiiii!!wow i missed da skul of leulumoega fou college i was in lfc at 2006 and i leave da skul on 2010 but my lovely brother is still at LFC nw so im jannett my brothers name patrick his in year 13 i miss da time im in LFC my all teacher in LFC is moananu,simanu,neru,and other teacher i 4got haha im in NZ.

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  28. levy said

    oh hi leulumoega fou is part of my school miss you all

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