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End of Training!

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on December 13, 2008

So I thought I’d let you all know, Training is OVER! This monday at 2pm Samoan time I will be sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I’m a little too lazy to post some pictures right now, and I don’t have too much time in Apia, but after swear-in, we will get some more time here before moving in. We move into our new places on Thursday.

I went for a trip with the treasurer of the CCCS (Christian Congreggational Church of Samoa, the organization running the school I will be teaching at) and he showed me the place I would be staying. I’ll send some pictures of that too when I get a chance, but needless to say I am very pleased with the accomodations. Sorry to be vague, but I kinda feel like a jerk bragging about it.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week, I’m having a blast.


2 Responses to “End of Training!”

  1. mama said

    igore, how was the swear-in ceremony, dance, after party. Hope will see picktures soon.

  2. Ljilja said

    Congratulations, Igor!!! I hope your ceremony was nice. Keep writing, we are reading…….. I liked your description of traditional cooking with breadfruit leaves………..

    Take care, everything seems great for now!
    Tetka Ljilja

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