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Village Stay

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on October 17, 2008

Tomorrow we’re leaving for our village stay. I’m not supposed give out any specifics on the blog, so I can’t say which village, but suffice it to say that it will be far more remote than the capital, Apia. The chances of any type of internet access is zilch, so this will be probably be the last post for a while.

So far in Apia we havn’t had too much of the rugged volunteer experience, but I think all that will change tomorrow. There won’t be any running water, and so they showed us how to bathe with a bucket. I’ve also been able to avoid eating fish so far, but at the village I’m going to eat whatever they serve me. The biggest adjusment though, they’re making me shave the beard.

I’m sure I’ll be fine though, and I’ll post some of the things I’ve eaten for those that are interested.



5 Responses to “Village Stay”

  1. Seth said

    Good luck out there! We’ll be thinking of you.

  2. katie said

    i am the one who is interested! i want to know about the food!!!!

  3. Ljilja said

    Good luck, Igor! I would be very interested in everything you eat, write it down if it’s not too much trouble. Also – record the recipes and take pictures too, in case we don’t recognize the ingredients……….. And make sure you eat plenty of fresh food, fruits and vegetables included!

    Take care!
    Tetka Ljilja

  4. Chad said

    Hey Igor where did you put the visio upgrades? Just kidding.. Shave the beard wear a dress and eat fish… Sounds like you could’ve just gone to Northampton… Hope you are having a blast!

  5. Susan said

    Don’t forget to tell us what you want sent in your care package! Peanut butter? Tartar sauce? A pile of rooster temporary tattoos?

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