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Pictures — Finally!

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on October 16, 2008

The internet here is really slow so I’ve been neglecting to upload any pictures. Below is a picture of me in my new lavalava and one of our group out at a chinese restaurant.

So far training has been a lot of fun. Monday was a holiday, so we went to the beach all day. Then on tuesday we had water safety training which involved snorkeling in the reef. Who says the peace corps is tough…

Next week we are headed to the village, where we will be staying with a host family. I won’t be able to avoid eating fish while there.

Oh! and I’ve been given a Samoan name: Koa. It means “Warrior” and “Rooster.” Igoa would have been a more suitable transliteration, but it means “name” so that might have gotten a bit confusing. I like Koa though, and it actually seems to be sticking.



3 Responses to “Pictures — Finally!”

  1. Seth said

    Cool! That lavalava looks really great on you!


  2. Brian said

    Cool-O Mr. Rooster. I remember my first name being difficult to say also. I think I was just called bu-ri-aan when pointing and saying ‘hey’ didn’t work. I’m glad to see you made it in one piece. It looks like there are influences of home so you might not suffer culture shock. Let me know how things feel when you are squatting in a hut eating raw fish. Keep your eye on the ball. These are memories you will replay when you are too old to squat in a hut and eat raw fish.

  3. Jon L said

    The image of a ninja chicken wielding a katana that I get when combining “Warrior” and “Rooster” doesn’t resemble you much. Maybe it’s the lavalava.
    I personally would have been greatly tempted to go by “Igoa”, cause how awesome would this conversation be:
    “Hi, what’s your name?”
    “Name, what’s yours?”
    “I’m Name.”
    “Right, but what is your name? What do they call you?”
    “Name is my name, what’s your name?”
    “Umm… yea… I, uh, gotta go, uh, clean my refrigerator… see ya…”

    Keep the posts coming. =)


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