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I hope the Unabomber doesn’t read this blog

Posted by Igor Popstefanija on October 1, 2008

Here’s the address:

Igor Popstefanija
Peace Corps
Private Mail Bag
Apia, Western Samoa
South Pacific

I would normally be hesitant to post an address online, but seeing as it doesn’t actually look anything like a real address it might be okay for now. I’ll probably delete this post soon anyway.

I lifted some info off the peace corps wiki about sending packages:

Care Package Considerations

Of great interest is how to get care packages here, and whether they will actually arrive. The mail varies greatly even from where you send it in the U.S. The following are some tips to getting mail here a little more quickly and smoothly.

  • Mail comes twice a week so there is no point in ever having something shipped next day or express mail.
  • The smaller the box, the better. Up to 12x12x6 seems to do well getting here. The larger the box, the more time it seems to take, the more beaten up it is, and the more appealing it is to others.
  • Be sure a customs form is filled out with it. Otherwise, it gets held up.
  • Be sure “Western Samoa” is on the label, and the U.S. post office is clear on where it is going. Postage should not be domestic rates; otherwise, it may go to American Samoa, where it is sent back to the U.S. or never arrives.
  • It is good to write, “God is Watching,” or “God Bless this package,” on the box. Just a safety precaution. Boxes usually get here, but just in case.
  • If it is valuable, insure it.
  • Faster is not always…well, faster. Air mail packages can get here in three weeks or three months. If someone wants to send you something timely (e.g., for a birthday or Christmas), he or she should send it very early, air mail or not. Note that Christmas time is horrible for sending packages. If your loved ones want to send a Christmas gift, be sure they send it early or let them know you are okay if it arrives in February or later.
  • Pack well. Anything that can rattle around in the box can get broken. If the smallest box available still has air spaces, candy makes great packing material (hint, hint). Avoid using styrofoam peanuts; Samoa is a small country and trash accumulates quickly.
  • Don’t panic! Mail usually arrives just fine, it just takes a while.

It’s a real nice website that has plenty of info about the peace corps: http://www.peacecorpswiki.org/Peace_Corps_Wiki


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